Purpose and Plans for the Realist Left

As you may know, we’ve set up a new project of the Realist Left. Founded within the heterodox Left (Post-Keynesian, MMT) economics community, we have been growing quite discontented with the current trajectory of the “Cultural Left”. We could go into the methodology they deploy (post-structuralism, post-modernism, critical theory) or the dubious foundations they have (moral, truth, cultural relativism). Either way, we see the Cultural Left / “SJW”s / Identity politics on the Left as doomed for failure, so we’re here to provide an alternative for whenever millennials and others en masse decide to break free of this pervasive ideology. We would prefer them to go hang out in a place founded in solid economic principles with rational social and moral foundations, instead of ending up in the Alt Right or with the Libertarians.

So where do we go from here? To start, we have a facebook page, a twitter page, and a reddit page. I would also like to do a youtube page, where we can make videos about economics, political and social issues, all under the same account as, for example, Rebel Media does. I will start a foundation for this asap, but I’m not exactly a video editor. I hope to improve this process going forward.

Most importantly, this blog site will serve only as a temporary place for the Realist Left. What I intend on doing is creating a “mega” blog, in the way that Dailykos, Redstate and some other sites were built (MyDD, burntorangereport, swingstateproject). The problem is, the original platform these sites were built upon was Scoop, and that stopped existing 7 years ago or so, so I’ll have to handcode it from scratch which will take some time (I really hope I can get one up and running in 2 weeks, but I think I’m being too optimistic). But here’s what I see the blog’s purpose:

User diaries, where individual people can create their own blog entries about anything relevant and related to the general “Realist Left” community, whether that be a post about economics, politics, current events, a recent happening on what the latest thing the Regressive Left has done, etcetera. Anyone (aside from spammers or clear trolls) will be able to post here, and there will be a system of “upvoting” or “recommending” them, where they can end up at the Recommend to a Recommended Page. Another purpose this gives is to “Cross-post” back to your own blog if you have one. In a way, this can be used to generate traffic on your own site, while also contributing to the Realist Left site.

Additionally, there will be a Front Page. It’ll consist of my own posts (except those I don’t deem important, which will end up in user diaries), and hopefully in the future others can be FP posters – I’m sure LK and some others would love to take up the task. It can also consist of user diaries that we deem well-crafted enough to end up on the front page. And hey, if it becomes professional enough to where we can legitimately have a “Staff”, like some of the other successful sites, even better!

Anyways, if you have any thoughts and contributions, add them here!


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